How Replacement Windows Can Help You Save

What is the difference between new windows and replacement windows?

A new window is typically installed in the home as it is being built or under a large construction project. In these instances, the window is installed into the frame of the home and nailed directly into the walls. Over time, you have the option of installing new construction windows again (this will include extra tearing down and rebuilding of the materials around the window), or you can install replacement windows.

If your home has undergone serious damage or you would like to remodel, new windows could be the best option. However, if your windows are simply getting old and drafty, installing a replacement window is a much simpler and easier process. Not to mention, replacement windows are fairly customizable and come in a variety of different options of energy efficiency and style.

What are the benefits?

Once you have invested in some replacement windows, you should notice a couple of changes around your home. First of all, the visual appeal of a new, clean window can make a big difference. Framing an outdoor view can make it more beautiful than ever and encourage you to open the windows more often to let in some natural light and fresh air. Secondly, certain window designs are more convenient and low maintenance. For instance, a sliding window easily opens and closes horizontally. A casement window is also easy to open and close with a simple turn of a latch. This makes cleaning easier than ever and it is possible to reach the exterior of window panes from the convenience of the indoors.

What is the installation process?

Different replacement window companies handle their installations differently. Look for a company that will come to your home to take custom measurements, which means that the window will fit like a glove. It is important to avoid any gaps so that air cannot flow through around the edges and cause drafts.

While some companies offer free estimates, others will charge a small fee to take the first look. Regardless, look for one with a good reputation and positive online reviews. Customer service is important when installing windows because it is a large investment with so many different options. Having an expert who you are comfortable with guide you through the process is the best way to form a satisfactory experience.

What Kinds of Features are Out there?

The different types of replacement windows include: bay and bow, picture, awning, sliding, casement, and double hung. Each matches best with different home design and architectural styles and will depend on your personal preferences. After choosing the type of window, you often have the option to choose the hardware and colors. You can also look into different levels of energy efficiency by the thickness and layering of glass as well as materials used for the frame. Some companies use vinyl, others use wood, and some create their own polymers for maximum temperature control.

What should my windows do for me?

Overall, your windows should increase the value of your home, make it easy to let in fresh air when wanted, maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature indoors, and add to your overall interior décor and exterior architecture. Safety and maintenance are to additional factors to keep in mind when thinking about cleaning your windows and locking them at night to keep out intruders. Your new windows should be a beautiful and functional asset to your home.

Siding: Invest in Your Home

Getting the Best Bang for your Buck

Home improvement When it comes to home improvement and renovations, we often find ourselves asking, “Is this really worth it?” or “Is this really going to make a difference?” Sometimes the cheaper option can be really appealing, and can in many circumstances give you the best bang for your buck. For example, an off-brand washing machine can wash your clothes just as well as more expensive, name-brand laundry machine. It’s likely to last just as long, too! The most expensive option is not always the smartest option. In other situations, the money you put into improving your home is directly related to what you’re getting out of it. When it’s time to give your home a makeover, it’s important to consider your options, and the potential size of return on your investment.

Siding is no exception to this. Siding is one of the most common subjects of home improvement, as the exterior of your home is vital for several reasons. Primarily, siding protects the structure of your home from the elements – weather, pests, and flame to name a few. Also, your home’s exterior is one of the first things people see when looking at where you live. Siding is representative of your personality and the pride that you take in maintaining a beautiful abode. So is the material of your siding something that you can skimp on? Probably not.

Vinyl or Wood?House

When choosing new siding for your house, you have a few options. Many opt for vinyl siding, as it’s cheap in cost and easy to clean. Others opt for the more classic wood-based siding, which gives your home a beautiful, rustic look. However, you have to weigh the consequences of choosing these options. Vinyl siding, for example, will easily melt or burn when exposed to fire – not the safest option. Vinyl can also be damaged by cold weather and debris. Wood on the other hand is highly susceptible to rotting when exposed to moisture, and is also subject to decay and pests. The best bet for renovating your siding is called Hardie Plank. Hardie Plank siding is a material that’s only offered by Blue Ridge Exteriors in Virginia. This type of siding provides the homeowner with flame, pest, and weather resistance, as well as paint durability. Although Hardie Plank might not be the cheapest option for siding, its long lifespan and high level of protection for your home makes it one of the best home improvement investments. When it comes to replacing the siding of your home, you don’t want to have to replace it for years to come!

What is Non-Medical Assistance?

senior-careSometimes being frugal isn’t all about how much money we save, but how much time we have to do the things we love.  Now, we all love our relatives, but as they get older, they often need a little bit more help around the house in order to function well.  Of course we want to spend time with our loved ones, but sometimes we need to face that it’s very difficult to devote all of our time to worrying and checking in with them.  While physically and mentally healthy, they still may find themselves limited due to arthritis or other conditions.  These problems are not significant enough to need a medical assistant in home, but they may also require more attention than you can give as a working individual, especially if you have a family of your own.

In these cases, nonmedical senior care is an option to consider.  These assistants stop in for a few hours a day as many days a week as you would like.  They are able to help with tasks both in the home and outside of the home, allowing your loved one to remain independent and keeping you free to live your life as needed.

What senior care looks like is different for each case.  For some individuals, the purpose is more geared towards companionship.  In these cases, the assistant will stop by to chat, play games, and maybe even watch television or a movie together.  The overall goal is to make certain that your loved one feels intellectually engaged, which can help stave off health problems in addition to making him or her feel better.

In other cases, in-home senior care can be purely practical.  The assistant can come over to help with basic cleaning, prepare some meals, and take your relative out to complete some shopping.  This can be to help your relative manage the house or it can be done to ensure that you are able to make the time you spend together more meaningful, instead of you needing to take care of these basic tasks.

There are many organizations that can help, such as Seniors Helping Seniors in Pompano Beach FL.  If this option sounds like a fit for you, contact a senior assistance service to find the right assistant for your needs.

Window Film Applications

Why Tint?

Although applying window film to your windows may seem like an expensive way to decorate your home, there are actually many functional and cost-saving benefits to professional window tinting. If you live in an area with lots of sunlight and receive direct exposure throughout the day, for instance, the sun could be increasing the temperature in your home. This greenhouse effect makes it difficult to keep certain rooms a standard temperature without blasting your air conditioning for the entire day.

In this case, applying a window film can significantly reduce your energy bills. Ever notice how many office buildings in large cities are covered in tinted windows? Having a window as an office wall gives the feel of a larger space, and adding a tinted film reduces sun-related heat issues.

Companies such as ATD Solar in Northern Virginia or Solar Solutions in New York City, offer all of the benefits of window tinting with a simple installation process.

How Does Window Film Work?

Solar film works by either absorbing the sun’s rays or reflecting them away from the indoors. Some films are a darker color, and others are able to get the job done with a pale tint. Darker films can offer security and privacy benefits, if that is your purpose in an applique.

What Are The Other Benefits?

There are a couple of other great qualities of window tinting aside from security, privacy, and temperature control (or energy savings). One of the most annoying parts of having a high level of sunlight in your home is a blinding glare that usually hits around sunrise or sunset. Solar film acts like a protective pair of sunglasses that prevents squinting indoors. Window tinting also prevents harmful UV rays that aren’t typically filtered out through glass panes. Finally, a protective film can also keep your carpet and furniture from fading.

Why the Obsession with Granite and Marble Countertops?

As you start the prep-work for your remodel, you are likely wondering why there is such an emphasis on the use of natural stone—particularly marble and granite.  The truth is that there are many reasons local Richmond VA homeowners and designers prefer to use these two materials for countertops and islands.

 Natural Surface

 Natural is in, no matter what area of culture you are talking about: all natural foods, natural fabrics, natural make-up, natural creams and lotions.  Home design has not escaped the reach of this phenomenon.  As a result, the Granite | Granite Countertopsmore natural materials used in your home, the better in terms of design and resale value.

 Beautiful Look

 Granite and marble are complex stones that come in a wide variety of designs and colors.  But no matter the design you opt for, the fact is that the look they offer is quite beautiful.  Unlike synthetic materials, these stones have a great depth to their look. A great resource to explore the hundreds of possibilities is found on Granite Source’s Richmond website which I have found trumps all the rest of the competition.

 Easy to Clean

 It is fine to make a mess with these two stones.  They will not stain nor will they hold onto smells or germs like other synthetic materials.  Cleaning is a breeze and can mostly be done with just soap and water, though marble does require a bit more maintenance.  This is why I prefer granite over marble.

 Hold their Value

 These stone countertops are upgrades you can make without worrying about them depreciating in value.  So long as you give them the right care, they will hold their value and increase the value of your home.


 As these surfaces are easy to clean, you do not need to worry about lingering germs.  Simple, regular cleaning will leave them disinfected and keep your home healthy.This is vital when you have young children or pets that like to put their mouths on every surface.

 Heat Resistant

 Finally, these two surfaces hold up well to heat, making them ideal for use in the kitchen.  No need to worry about the flames from the stove, the hot oven, or pots and pans—these stones can handle them just fine.

If you would like to learn more about how natural stone countertop can increase on your home investment then get in touch with Granite Source in Richmond VA. They are the best supplier around and are very helpful.

A Beautiful Lawn Doesn’t Require Backbreaking Work

I am a true Home and Garden Television addict.  I can spend hours watching that channel, salivating over all of the beautiful homes and how I wish they were all mine.  It has given me a lot of inspiration over the years when it comes to improving the look of my home and helped me determine how to improve its value as well, which will be beneficial down the road when it’s time to sell and get a new home.

At first, I only focused on the interior of my home when it came to these improvements with simple things like lighting and flooring that I could accomplish with the tool I had currently.  It seemed like the easiest place to start and it would give me the most benefit.  After all, I do not spend a lot of time sitting on my front lawn, staring at my house.  So that is where I focused my attention, working on my overall design as well as makingLandscaping service , home improvement upgrades to help bring my home into the current century. It was built in the 50’s and most of the interior fixtures and embellishments were very out dated.

I then started getting into the landscaping shows and thinking about the curb appeal of my home.  Most of my neighbors had the upper hand on their yards and I felt I needed to catch up. There were so many ideas that appealed to me, but the problem was figuring out where to start.  And then I realized, “how the heck was I going to manage all that backbreaking work on my own on top of my busy work schedule?”

The answer was simple, and cheaper than I had originally expected. With a little research online I was able to enlist the help of Pete Rose landscaping services, a local business of Richmond, VA.  These professionals were able to create a plan to make my yard something I could be proud of and they worked with me every step of the way.  Each decision was cleared by me before it was implemented and they worked hard to make sure their landscaping services stayed within my budget. This was great because I had already invested a lot in my interior home design projects.

The best part was that Pete Rose offered both design and maintenance landscaping services.  This allowed me to keep the professional look without having to burden myself or risk any injury from that exhausting back breaking work.  And now my home is something I feel proud, both inside and out.